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Paul Meegan's 'Epic' return as VP of product development


Paul Meegan has returned to the Epic Games fold as its new vice president of product development. He'll work out of the Epic headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, not far from where his career started at Sinister Games.

After Sinister was bought by Ubisoft in 2000, Meegan went on to Ubisoft Montreal as Executive VP of production, then bouncing around behind the scenes until he helped establish Epic Games China in 2006. He held that job for four years, before bouncing in and out of LucasArts.

"Epic's business has evolved incredibly over the past two decades, and throughout that time, our hiring philosophy has remained constant: 'hire the best and the brightest,'" said Epic president Mike Capps.

Epic Games has been making a ton of high-profile game development moves over the past year. Most recently it found a lead for its Seattle Studio, fully bought People Can Fly, set up Impossible Games out of the ashes of Big Huge Games, and then there's that whole relationship with China's Tencent.

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