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Build-em-up: make Sine Mora ships in Lego


While gliding through Sine Mora, surely only a scant few thought to themselves, "The one thing I really want to do is stop playing this distinguished Hungarian shoot-em-up, and spend the next few hours meticulously making its fighter ships in Lego." And yet, now that developer Digital Reality sends us authentic instructions for how to make Lego replicas of the Merenstein VI and BS4-VR Soprano, we find building these ships is exactly how we want to spend the next few hours. Screw games, there's Lego to be building!

Sadly, the above picture isn't of a set you can buy in stores, as awesome as that would be. You'll have to go about getting the pieces yourself, most likely from various sets - the instructions do at least provide you at the end with a list of the pieces needed. Then again, if you're seriously contemplating making these ships then we reckon you're probably the kind of person who already has every piece needed. And we genuinely envy you.

If you've yet to experience Sine Mora on XBLA, the good news is that the game's already flown its way to PC, and is journeying across to PS3 and Vita next week, via PSN.

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