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Eskuché intros Control v2 and 45v2 headphones, melds '70s chic with 2012 tech for iOS listeners


Sound quality matters most for headphones, but we won't lie: we've got a soft spot for a slick design. Eskuché is undoubtedly trying to play that opening like a fiddle with its just-launched Control v2 (left) and 45v2 (right) sets. Both evoke the feel of vintage studio monitors through their 1970s-era finishes while including a decidedly non-vintage microphone and remote combo for iOS devices. The two styles share a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range, 32-ohm impedance and 40mm drivers, although there's an incentive to splurge: the $60 Control v2 is the baseline for casual listening with its nostalgic colors and 3.5mm cabling, while the $129 45v2 is tailored to DJs through its titanium drivers, rotatable aluminum cups and a detachable cable system that works with 6.3mm (quarter-inch) plugs through an adapter. iPhone owners eager to recreate a first Led Zeppelin listening will have to trek to Apple's online or retail stores for a Control v2 during the holidays; they'll have more shopping choices for the studio-friendly 45v2 arriving at the same time.

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Eskuché Headphones Launches V2 Collection

eskuché's premiere v2 Collection is the next evolution in our classic inspired audio headphone line consisting of two new on-ear headphone designs, the 45v2 ($129) and Control v2 ($59.99). Designed with Apple's three button mic control system combined with our industrial design platform, the v2 Collection delivers eskuche's staple design, clean acoustics and modern technology for today's savvy consumers. Seamlessly control your Apple device with the play/pause + answer/end + volume control functionality, all from the custom in-line mic controller. The newly released collection is available at Apple retail stores in North America and online at

The Control v2 comes in three distinct colors (Café Brown, Burnt Orange, and Baby Blue) and are exclusive to Apple Retail stores and through the holiday. In addition, the newly and improved 45v2, is available in a custom machined metallic Silver as well as Matte Black. The 45v2 will be available on and other specialty retail outlets this holiday.

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