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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is gonna wreck it


Disney's Wreck-It Ralph is a must-watch movie. One thing that really stood out when viewing it recently wasn't just the cute video game references, it was the arcade in the movie.

Arcade culture has been somewhat lost over the years. Sure, arcades in various forms still exist, but the days of setting our quarters down to call the next game of Double Dragon or NBA Jam are long gone. Seeing kids in Wreck-It Ralph bouncing around the arcade to check out each machine with a sort of glossy-eyed wonder does well to make you yearn for those days in the local arcade, trying to get your name on the local leaderboards.

Even the term "arcade" has taken on new meaning in video games, being used now to describe bite-sized downloadable games as opposed to coin-operated dedicated game machines. It's a fair, albeit somewhat depressing use of the term. While nostalgia-tripping with us, check out last week's webcomics and vote for your favorite after the break!

Chibi-Robo (Magical Game Time)
Fantasy attire (Corpse Run)
Succomb (Fanboys)
Nintendo Land (Brawl in the Family)
Sundance On Your Grave (Penny Arcade)
Twiddle Earth (Extra Life)
Bad Dog (Nerf Now!!)
Sliding Scale (Awkward Zombie)


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