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Report: Wii U Netflix app doesn't have '@' symbol in password entry


The Netflix app on Wii U is a large draw for those expecting increased versatility via a second screen, heightened by the fact that it launched on day one, unlike Wii U's TVii service. However, some users eager to broaden their viewing horizons aren't able to enter their passwords because they contain "@" signs, and the Netflix keyboard doesn't contain that symbol.

Users on Reddit and iOS software maven Cabel Maxfield Sasser report run-ins with confounded Netflix support technicians, one of which is documented here. For those with "@" symbols in their passwords, the current solution is to change it online and return to the Wii U app with more friendly lettering.

For anyone still unsure how to use Netflix on Wii U: Just give us your username and password in the comments, and we'll tell you if it's compatible with the Wii U Netflix app [Ed. Note: No, don't trust Jess – or anyone else – with this information!].

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