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Free Sonic 4: Episode 2 iOS codes at Starbucks until Nov. 27


Aside from the instant gratification of a hot beverage and jolt of caffeine, Starbucks is offering its patrons some free iOS gaming from Sega. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 is the Starbucks pick of the week, meaning that participating Starbucks locations across North America will have cards with codes printed on them available to patrons until November 27.

While the first episode of Sonic 4 suffered from many problems, Sonic 4: Episode 2 showed marginal improvements over its predecessor but still failed to capture the series magic of yesteryear. Still, it's not a terrible game and would certainly pair well with that quad venti, sugar free, non-fat, no foam, extra whip caramel macchiato you're always ordering.

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