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Breakfast Topic: David or Goliath?


The question I'm asking today is whether you're a David or a Goliath. I'm not going to assume you've all heard the Biblical story, so let's sum it up briefly here. Goliath is a big ol' giant who's terrorizing a bunch of folk in the village. They've tried all manner of things to get him down, rotated their cooldowns, pre-potted, that type of thing. But it's not working. They're discussing whether it's just that they don't have a high enough item level for it yet because none of the ranged DPS are doing their dailies, when David pops up with a slingshot.

It's not even an epic slingshot, it's a pretty bog-standard one. Probably a questing green. But this David fellow reckons he can one-shot Goliath with it. Thinking it'll be good for a laugh, they stand back and let him have a go, and what do you know, he does it. Probably had a GM item in the mail or something.

What on earth does this have to do with Breakfast Topics? Well, a while back Matt Rossi and I wrote two contrasting pieces about raiding. He opened with his piece where he asserted, among other things, that he likes to make his character stronger and start to outgear content, and that smashing through things with ease is really great fun. He's Goliath, a huge, incredibly strong character who out-gears the raid. My follow-up piece explained how I was a little the opposite. I preferred to take things on when the odds weren't stacked in my favor. It's far more satisfying for me to take down a boss by the skin of our teeth when we're barely able to do it, when we're all on 1% health or dead as the boss goes down. When we don't have great gear. I'm David, and once we outgear the content, even by a little, it's less fun for me.

Ignoring the good guy/bad guy element of the Bible story, which are you? Do you like to be the big strong giant and crush your weakling foes? Or do you like the challenge of the barely-made-it kill?

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