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Aika Online adds dueling and offers special holiday events

MJ Guthrie

While folks were enjoying the family, friends, and food of Thanksgiving, gPotato was launching a new update in Aika Online. Now, on top of the tower assaults, castle sieges, and general waging war, players can battle each other 1v1 in the fantasy game's new dueling system. Wondering what gear your opponents -- or allies -- are using? Check out the new player inspection tool. Other features added include auto-follow, auto-move, and color-coordinated quest markers.

Besides the new features, Aika Online is also hosting a series of special events in-game. From now through November 28th, mobs will drop special boxes full of goodies and PvP kills will grant double the honor. Players can also get a complimentary item each day until December 14th just for logging in. To top all that off, experience is tripled until November 26th. So jump on in, grab your free stuff, and soak up the XP while trying out the new features. And don't forget to check out the Black Friday deals for more special Aika Online bonuses this weekend!

[Source: gPotato press release]

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