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Image credit: promises to turn your iPhone into a 14-megapixel 'genius-phone'

Sharif Sakr

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Not content with his deliberately undefined role at Intel, the main pulse behind the Black Eyed Peas is preparing for yet another incursion into the world of technology -- this time by launching a dedicated camera accessory for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 (and presumably the 4S, too). claims the device has "its own sensor and a better flash" and will "turn your smartphone into a genius-phone" by replacing the native 5- or 8-megapixel camera module with one that churns out 14-megapixel images instead. The Telegraph reports that the add-on will be the first of a series of "" branded accessories that will launch on November 28th. No pricing has been revealed so far, but the range will be sold solely by Selfridges in London and -- much like Harrods with its own glam gadget exclusives -- that store isn't particularly known for bargains.

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