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Chevy launches iPhone Siri support for Spark, Sonic vehicles, aims to keep your Eyes Free


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If you're looking at getting a 2013 Chevrolet Spark or Sonic LTZ / RS, you'll be able to drag Siri along for the ride, provided that you have an iPhone 4S or later running iOS 6, according to GM. It'll pair with Chevy's MyLink entertainment system using Bluetooth, ensuring you avoid distractions via Apple's new Eyes Free mode that lets you disable the smartphone's screen via a steering wheel button. Using voice-activated commands, you'll be able to prompt the system to make hands-free calls, play songs from your iTunes library, listen to and compose text messages and access calendar appointments. If you ask a question that requires a web page to be displayed, however, Siri will decline to answer -- ensuring your eyes stay where they should.

The automaker also announced an upcoming version of MyLink for the Chevrolet Impala that will let buyers "skin" the instrument panel with four different themes: Edge and Velocity for the younger set, and Contemporary or Main Street aimed at "busy moms" or business types. It'll also have an optional 8-inch touchscreen and let you link up to ten devices via Blutetooth or USB. Check the sources for info on all the new vehicles or the video after the break.

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