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    Daily iPhone App: Heroes of Order and Chaos brings MOBA to iOS


    If I sound a little flustered in today's Daily App video below (you have noticed that we do one of these per day, right?), it's because I am a little flustered. Gameloft has earned a reputation on the App Store for ripping off more popular traditional games and bringing them to Apple's platform, something that sometimes rubs traditional gamers the wrong way a bit. But they've done something pretty spectacular with this title, Heroes of Order and Chaos. Gameloft has recreated, as faithfully as possible, the very popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) gametype that titles like League of Legends and DotA have made famous on the PC.

    I'm a huge MOBA fan, and you may know that if you're not already interested in this kind of game, it can be a hard hill to climb: MOBA combines real-time strategy, RPG combat elements and team-based gameplay all together into one big mish-mash of gameplay. Usually that's pretty hard to pull off, even when you have a full keyboard and mouse to play with.

    But Gameloft has somehow done it here on iOS -- I won't say Heroes of Order and Chaos is the best MOBA I've played, but it definitely is a MOBA, complete with lots of champions, two maps, an item store with upgradable items and lots of various champions and heroes to play with. It's a very impressive undertaking, and Gameloft has pulled it off with a lot of really great style.

    I haven't played much of the online gameplay yet -- the game only released recently, and since it's free, you can grab it on the App Store to see how it plays online for yourself. But yeah, even as an offline example of bringing MOBA to iOS, Gameloft has really succeeded here. They still don't get too many points for originality, but the execution is very impressive.

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