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Appstore continues Amazon's bid for global dominance with expansion into Japan


Move over various European countries -- Japan's the latest region to receive Amazon's Android "Appstore" (no, that isn't a word). The store went live today in Japan, bringing with it all you've come to expect from Amazon's virtual mobile store: Angry Birds, Facebook, and much, much more. Also in-tow is Amazon's "Free App of the Day" initiative, and a variety of unique app selections from Japan-specific developers like Square Enix and NTT Docomo. The Japanese version of the Appstore features the same cross-device functionality found in other regions, meaning one app purchase suffices for all your Android devices. Amazon isn't saying if any major, expected apps are missing from the store, and our Japanese isn't so hot, so we'd appreciate you letting us know if you spot any major whiffs in the selection department.

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