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JayBird launches BlueBuds X in-ear Bluetooth headphones for $169.95


If you thought JayBird's Freedom Sprint headphones were the only pair the company had planned for release this year, think again. Today marks the launch of BlueBuds X, an in-ear Bluetooth set with a microphone for taking calls, and a selection of the company's trademarked features. "Shift" technology promises lossless decompression of audio, while "PureSound" filters out white noise present in the vocal range. The headphones also boast "SignalPlus" to ensure stable pairing, the secure fit wings you see above so they stay nice and snug, and an eight-hour battery life. As usual, JayBird is targeting BlueBuds X at the fitness and sports market, but we reckon they'll probably work just as well outside of the gym. If you fancy picking up a pair, then head to the source link below to order them in "Midnight Black" or "Storm White" for $169.95 a piece.

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