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Vindictus Season 2 launch video stars pirates, cannibals, and a Kraken

MJ Guthrie

Pirates and cannibals. You just can't have a Season 2 party without them, and the party has started in Vindictus! The next chapter of the free-to-play game is live and brings new zones, new cities, hordes of undead pirates, tribes of cannibals, and a Kraken. This update also features changes in the depth-of field renderings, a tweaked leveling curve, and a level cap increase boosting the maximum level up to 80.

Although some of the footage may seem familiar from Massively's exclusive new zone preview, this trailer shows off even more bosses, including the Kraken and a massive snake, along with plenty of battle scenes. Check it out after the break.

[Source: Nexus Europe press release]

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