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Engadget's New York City meetup wrap-up!

Brian Heater

Wow. Thank you, New York City! We had a blast at last night's reader meetup, and judging from everyone we spoke to, a Roseland Ballroom packed full of Gotham gadget geeks had a grand 'ole time as well. Twelve lucky readers walked away with a Samsung Galaxy Note II on Sprint and nearly 30 people took home house cleaning bots from the folks at iRobot -- not to mention the Nook tablets, Oakley Airwave goggles and VestGuard UK Ballistic bulletproof case and iPad, to name but a few. We tested readers' tech (and Wu Tang) knowledge and dancing and singing skills.

There were booths from Sprint, Samsung, Garmin, Speck, Dell, Barnes & Noble, MakerBot, iRobot, Oakley and GoGo Inflight, or as attendee Peter M. put it, a "mini-CES meets A Night at the Improv." Relive the magic in the gallery below.

Gallery: Engadget's New York City meetup wrap-up! | 47 Photos

Zach Honig contributed to this report.

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