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SWTOR livestream Q&A highlights F2P success, BioWare 'listening to feedback'

Jef Reahard

BioWare held a post-1.5 livestream Q&A for Star Wars: The Old Republic yesterday, and Darth Hater has posted the pertinent notes as well as a 30-minute video embed.

The devs of record were lead designer Damion Schubert, producer Jeff Hickman, and community manager Joveth Gonzalez. The trio fielded a wide variety of questions, many of which centered on the game's controversial F2P conversion. "From a business standpoint, the number of players we're getting into the game is great," Hickman explained. "If you're a brand-new player, it doesn't feel too limited because you don't know what it feels like to not be restricted. But we're definitely listening to feedback and could make changes."

Schubert concurred, and he also mentioned that the numbers support BioWare's current position. "Almost every conceivable metric is better. The numbers have blown away our expectations, which means good things for the players and the game," he said.

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