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BioShock Infinite cosplayer hired by Irrational to be face of Elizabeth


If you've ever wondered if high quality cosplay could get you a job in the games industry, here's the story for you. Irrational Games hired Anna Moleva, a Russian veterinarian, precisely because her BioShock Infinite cosplay bore such a strong resemblance to its source. Moleva is now the official face of Elizabeth, as featured on the back of the game's box art (see after the break).

In case you're wondering if she's some kind of Jenny-come-lately, Moleva has a seven-year history with cosplay, as evidenced by her impressive Flickr portfolio. While Irrational's photos prove she makes an excellent Elizabeth, she's also a decent Alice, Commander Shepard, and Poison Ivy.

BioShock Infinite cosplayer hired by Irrational to be official face of Elizabeth
[Images Source: Irrational Games]

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