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11 bit: Anomaly: Korea 'before Christmas,' PC game announcement in Jan.


Anomaly: Korea
, the sequel to 11 bit studios' tower-offense darling Anomaly: Warzone Earth, was supposed to launch on mobile this past fall; however, the game is still on track to make this year. 11 bit hopes to have Anomaly: Korea on iOS and Android devices before Christmas. "We slipped – I think we're going to do it on Christmas. Ideally would be to release it before Christmas," senior writer Pawel Miechowski told Joystiq.

11 bit studios is still a fairly small house, located in Warsaw, Poland. The studio is currently divided into four teams, each with their own ongoing projects. "Internally we have four teams – three are responsible for the development of mobile games and one is the PC team," Miechowski said. "The PC team is busy with some bigger project we're going to probably announce in January or so. And one of the mobile teams is responsible for this, Anomaly Korea." Sadly, Miechowski wouldn't tell us more on this new PC game in development, assuring again that we'd hear more come January.

The original Anomaly: Warzone Earth was a success for 11 bit. The top-performing platforms were Steam, Mac App store, Google Play and iOS. As for Anomaly Korea, there currently aren't any plans to offer the game on other platforms beyond iOS and Android. For some direct-feed gameplay footage, head past the break.

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