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Pid receives 'Easy Mode' on PC


Might & Delight patched a new 'Easy Mode' into puzzle-platformer Pid earlier this week. The Swedish studio redesigned levels to lower the mode's difficulty and shortened boss fights. Normal Mode also sees some tweaks, with the developer saying changes were made based on feedback from critics and fans.

In our review, Garrett Martin grew frustrated with the game's difficulty spikes, and Might & Delight now says those spikes are "lessened" thanks to the update. Overall, Garrett rated Pid at two and a half stars, saying the game comes alive when it sprinkles puzzles on top of its straightforward platforming, but also "makes a few crucial mistakes that similar recent games avoided."

If you want to try but not necessarily buy Pid for yourself, the game now has a demo available on Steam.

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Might and Delight Updates its Tough Puzzle-Platformer With a Mode All Gamers Can Play on PC

Might and Delight is ready to introduce an easier way to play through its beautiful, challenging platfomer Pid with the all-new Easy Mode. Complementing the game's Normal and Hard modes, Easy Mode paves the way with redesigned levels, much shorter boss fights, and less-crowded environments to aid in navigation.

Having listened to its critics and fans, Might and Delight made many of the adjustments to the game by using community feedback. In addition to the new Easy Mode, tweaks and adjustments to Normal Mode have evened out the play experience and lessened challenging difficulty spikes.

Might and Delight also has created a new playable demo to better represent Pid and its unique style of play. The demo is now available on PC for Steam and will be made available on other platfoms later this year.

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