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Massively Exclusive: Kartuga's first pirate class is the Destroyer

MJ Guthrie

Earlier this year at E3, we got a hands-on taste of the sea-faring battles in the upcoming action-MMO Kartuga, where players engage in PvP as pirate ships. Today, we get to introduce you to the first of the three ship classes -- an agile, all-purpose weapon aptly christened the Destroyer. Built to be the aggressor in battle, the Destroyer deals massive damage while counting on speed and maneuverability instead of durability to avoid sinking when attacked.

While there are only three pirate classes, players will be able to further customize each one by unlocking skill trees that branch into three different specializations. As Destroyers, players can become a Raider, a Ravager, or a Brawler. Raiders specialize in hit-and-run tactics, whereas the Brawler has the thickest armor and can wade into the battle. The Ravager, however, is best played from a distance, lobbing attacks from long range.

Want to see what this class can do? Watch the trailer after the break. And if the game looks right up your fjord, head on over to the official site to sign up for a chance to participate in the closed beta planned for early 2013.

[Source: InnoGames press release]

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