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The Daily Grind: Which MMO do you use as a substitution for a dead one?


The second that City of Heroes shut down last week, that domineering voice in my mind piped up, "I want to play City of Heroes!" I tried to say that it wasn't a possibility any more, but the voice wasn't having it. It also wanted Froot Loops with chocolate milk. Now I have a sugar high.

So I began hunting around for a substitution to fill the gap in my now hurting soul. DC Universe Online was first up, but I couldn't quite get into the setting or the actiony playstyle. So I swallowed my distaste for Champions Online's free-to-play restrictions and reloaded that title onto my machine. There's enough of that old Cryptic magic to soothe the loss of CoH, I think.

Have you ever done this? Have you ever used an MMO as a substitution for a title that's shut down? If so, share with us and let us know if it was a soothing balm or a weak facsimile.

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