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Storybricks shifting gears, partnering with 'several studios'

Jef Reahard

Namaste Entertainment is shifting gears on its Storybricks project. The company has posted an update letter on its website, and in a nutshell the firm will be moving away from development on a standalone product and focusing on partnerships with other game studios.

The Kingdom of Default test project is being shelved. Namaste says it was "not enough of a game for traditional MMO audiences, too complex for casual players and too much of a game for educational uses." Namaste does have "several projects underway," but due to NDAs the company "cannot be as open as we have been in the past."

Storybricks is an AI initiative that aims to upgrade the capabilities of game NPCs. Namaste "designed and built an emotional intelligence engine in order to breathe life into virtual characters. They have their own goals and moods; they interact among themselves and take decisions on their own. The story no longer revolves solely around scripted behavior; game worlds can now be rich and complex."

[Thanks to John for the tip.]

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