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BBC iPlayer gets updated for iPad, iPhone 5

One of the most popular apps in the UK received some small, but siginificant updates yesterday. BBC iPlayer for iOS has been updated to version 2.0.2.

The most noticeable change in the update is that it finally brings support for the iPhone 5's screen. Now viewers can watch their favorite shows in full 16:9 glory without any black bars on the sides. The update also brings the ability for users to plug their iPhones directly into their TVs to watch iPlayer. This is something that has been available on the iPad version of the app for a while, but its addition on the iPhone version brings unity (something that is always a plus for universal apps).

On the iPad side, BBC iPlayer has added a few new features as well. The "Live Channels" button now enables channel hopping during live broadcasts. In addition, tapping on the "More" button now shows a transparent overlay across the bottom of the screen. The overlay displays images representing other episodes or programs in two categories: "More From This Series" and "More Like This."

The BBC has a strong history of embracing technological change, but one place they still need the iPlayer to land on is the Apple TV. Also, it would be nice if iPlayer for iOS supported AirPlay streaming (via a dedicated AirPlay button in the app instead of having to mirror your entire iPhone). If you think so too, give them a shout on Twitter (@BBCiPlayer) and tell them @michaelgrothaus sent you.

BBC iPlayer is a universal app and a free download in the UK App Store.

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