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Mew-Genics teaser brings the beautiful noise

Jordan Mallory

It's Caturday y'all, and that means one more tidbit of information regarding Team Meat's latest project, Mew-Genics. Since all of the game's characters have been revealed, the Team Meat has begun slowly releasing tangential information about the game, with this week's reveal being "Cat Chase," the title theme.

"We really splurged with the soundtrack for Mew-Genics, the game will feature a full album of over 20 studio recorded songs," Team Meat's Edmund McMillen said in an official update. "We really wanted to make the games music feature extended themes of the game or small stories within each song, kind of how Katamari did it in a way, except all our songs are about cats!"

The game's soundtrack/album is being composed by Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans, the former of which provided the narration for The Binding of Isaac. Here's hoping the rest of the score has the same spooky, Neverhood/Skullmonkeys-esque vibe as this track, which can be heard above.

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