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Around Azeroth: My other mount is much more intimidating


Listen, lady. I know you expect your troll enemies to come riding in on a raptor or a voodoo bear or some crap like that. But my raptor's in the shop for some repairs, and I couldn't get a day off of work, so I had to use a loaner. Stop laughing. I might be riding a pig, but your stupid horse doesn't look much better. What's that? You're actually riding a selection of mystical flying dragons now and haven't used your horse in five years? Oh, for Pete's sake. Look, give me a few months to grind a couple of reputations and get something better, and then I'll come back and fight you and your stable of sparkledrakes. (Thanks to submitter Meralyth of Order of Enlightenment on Lothar [US-A] for the screenshot!)

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