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Fortune: Apple's American-made computer will be 2013 Mac Pro

Do you have money riding on a bet that the line of computers Apple's planning to manufacture in the US next year is the Mac Pro? Well, Fortune believes there's a good chance you're right. According to an article by the business publication, there are a few factors that add up to suggest the new Mac Pro will be the domestically produced product.

First off, the publication cites an economist who states that a US$100 million factory should be capable of turning out about 1 million computers per year, a number that lines up with how many Mac Pros were sold by Apple in 2011. Then there's the issue of shipping costs. Fortune contends that it makes much more sense to build the heaviest Mac in the US to save on shipping costs, while its premium sticker price can offset higher manufacturing expenses. Finally, there's the fact that Tim Cook himself has already indicated that a Mac Pro refresh is due in 2013.

So, what's your bet? We'd love to hear it in the comments.

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