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Secret World creative director goes crazy, kicks off End of Days chronicle

MJ Guthrie

As we creep closer and closer to December 21st, more people seem to be paying attention to the cries of "The world is ending!" instead of reveling in holiday cheer. One recent convert to the end-of-days hype train is none other than Joel Bylos, creative director of The Secret World. After a weekend of poking around and researching the subject, Bylos decided that the world will definitely end at 11:11 on that fateful date and started a video blog to count down the remaining time.

In the first installment, Bylos gets wistful about the fate of The Secret World. Then he gets a brilliant idea to bring more players to the game to experience the conspiracies for themselves. Charging into a meeting room, he spouts his idea to eradicate the game's subscription requirements. After all, who needs money when the world is ending? Management, however, seems less than convinced. Don't believe me? Watch the video after the break and see for yourself!

[Source: Funcom press release]

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