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60 kWh 'mid-range' Tesla Model S rated at 95 MPGe with 208 mile range by EPA


The budget version of the Tesla Model S, with its 60 kWh battery pack has been delayed. But that didn't stop the more wallet-friendly EV from swinging by the EPA. It seems that lighter power source has led to a slightly increased efficiency, though a decreased range. The 60 kWh version will supposedly run out of juice after 208 miles, which translates into 95 MPGe. That's not bad considering the higher-end 85 kWh version clocks in at 89 MPGe, with an EPA estimated range of 265 miles. Then again, it seems that rating is a bit conservative, as one father and son team managed 405 miles on a single 85 kWh charge. At just shy of $70,000, the "mid-range" Tesla S is still quite a pricey proposition. We'll just have to wait and see if "budget" model with its 40 kWh battery and $60,000 price tag is any more of a value.

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