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Leak suggests Samsung ATIV S to launch in Canada with Bell on December 14th


The S III-esque ATIV S didn't materialize on Canadian carriers in November as we'd expected, but a supposed leak from Bell's internal system shows it might well be launching before the holidays. Samsung's first (but not only) handset running Windows Phone 8 is arriving December 14th at Bell, according to MobileSyrup's source, which also reports SIM-free pricing of $599.95 (Canadian dollars), or $79.95 on a three-year contract. We can't confirm the numbers, but it should only be a few days before you can find out how much of that Christmas budget you'll need to repurpose for your own treat. And, with a new phone to play with, you won't even notice the thinly-veiled disappointment caused by your bargain bin gifts.

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