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Max Payne 3 multiplayer event this weekend, triple XP and skulls for all


Rockstar has a whole calendar of multiplayer events planned for its titles this winter, and this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday goes to the bald guy with the guns. All players online for multiplayer in Max Payne 3 this weekend get triple XP earnings, and Rockstar devs will play online with everyone on Saturday from 11am - 2pm EST.

There's rewards available, too! All players are getting themselves a "Human Skull Mask" for free, as seen above on the left. The "Wedding Skull Mask," on the right, is going to the top ten player-made crews on the new Crew Leaderboards, so get your gangster bros out there and top some score lists. And finally there's a sweepstakes going on: Just enter on the multiplayer event page for a chance at some Max Payne-related loot. And if you're not around this weekend at all, worry not, because Rockstar has another event like this one on January 11 next year.

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