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WoW Moviewatch: The Sha of Auto-Tune


I guess this was inevitable. From the depths of machinima, The Sha of Auto-Tune reveals itself. At least it was revealed by Greyfoo, whose unmistakable knack for music and comedy makes this vocal oddity a masterpiece.

Here's what the Greyfoo has to say about the video:
This time every year, when the decorations go up around Azeroth, I get to thinking...
What do I *really* want for my World-of-Warcraft Christmas? Greatfather Winter asked me to write a Christmas song about it, so I answered with all my heart.
I guess this qualifies as holiday music. If that's what you kids go for these days. Only time will tell whether or not T-Stain, the auto-tuned panda in question, will make a return in future Greyfoo videos.
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