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Street Fighter X Mega Man out today, Mega Man 1-6 coming to 3DS


Street Fighter X Mega Man, the Capcom-supported fan crossover game by Seow Zong Hui, is available for download now. We're guessing there's significant interest in a new, semi-official, free Mega Man game, because Capcom's site seems to be getting overwhelmed. Mega Man fans know how to be patient when waiting for a new game, of course, so we know you'll be able to get it eventually.

In other exciting Mega Man news, Capcom plans to release all six NES games on the 3DS Virtual Console in North America and Europe, starting with Mega Man on December 27, followed by Mega Man 2 on Feb. 7. Yes, we're excited to have two pieces of Mega Man news in one day.

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