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Woz predicts that in 2013, iOS devices are headed to work


Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak often appears here on the pages of TUAW for doing some silly things like joking around with Stephen Colbert or starring in an iOS game. But the man's still got a great mind (and a lot of experience with technology), so when he makes some predictions for 2013 over in Forbes, it's worth giving him a listen.

Woz's main theme seems to be business technology -- specifically how that field is trending more and more away from standard beige box desktop PCs and much more towards personal smartphones, tablets and other such devices. Woz says that the cloud will continue to be a big trend next year, and that will extend to businesses using smartphones and tablets more and more in the workplace. Finally the software and hardware on mobile devices is catching up to the growing need businesspeople have to make good use of the powerful computers they carry in their pockets. Businesses have already seen a "BYOD" (bring your own device) trend in the workplace, where employees are increasingly using their personally owned iPads and iPhones for work. Woz says that will continue, as businesses will have to balance issues like security and productivity with the comprehensive customization and portability that smartphone and tablet devices offer.

That's some good insight right there, and Woz should know: the guy carries like 10 different smartphones. We've already seen businesses making good use of iOS devices, and it makes sense that 2013 would bring that trend even more into the forefront.

[via Slashdot]

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