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Around Azeroth: The things I do for my guild


This may be my favorite thing I've ever featured on Around Azeroth. Holy hell, I can barely log in to harvest my crops some days, and other people are making amazing 8-bit motivational posters to help their guild through Elegon. Here's how Stormscythe of The Splintered Hand on Turalyon (EU-A) accomplished this feat:

"I used to make this. First I drew the background at a normal resolution (mainly to get the arcs of the floor circles correct). Then I shrank the image down to a few hundred pixels on a side and added the raiders, UI elements and Elegon freehand in separate layers, one pixel at a time for most of the detail work. After that it was just a matter of resizing back up to 1920x1080 and adding the text and borders. Unfortunately most of the players' gear has changed since I did this, so Armory links won't add much context. But you can probably make out some of the items/transmogs like the Scimitar of Seven Stars, Sunward Crest, Steelskin, Qiang's Impervious Shield and Crown of Empowered Fate.

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