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Asus, Samsung top TechHive's tablet satisfaction survey


While Apple is certainly selling the most tablets thanks to the wild popularity of the iPad and iPad mini, it did not receive the highest scores in a tablet satisfaction survey run by TechHive.

Surprisingly, Asus scored at or near the top of all satisfaction measurements for the Google Nexus 7 (image above) that it manufactures. Next in the rankings was Samsung, which earned high scores for its Galaxy Tab range of tablets.

Apple took third place with its tablets, earning top marks for speed, battery life and responsiveness of the touchscreens. iPads were also lauded for ease of use. Apple also received the top score for reliability, with only 4 percent of owners reporting any significant issue in the first two years of ownership. A full 12 percent of owners of other brand tablets experienced issues in the first two years.

While Apple ran a close third place in the tablet category, TechHive reports that the company took top honors in satisfaction rankings for laptops, desktops and smartphones.

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