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Did the Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro just hit the FCC?


Tablet lovers who've been eying Microsoft's elaborately named Surface with Windows 8 Pro may be one step closer to getting it in their hands now that a mystery Microsoft tablet, the 1514, has swung through the FCC's approval process. While there's no neon lights advertising the slate's identity, it's described as running Windows 8 -- the current Surface appeared at the FCC clearly labeled as a Windows RT device. The 1514 number is also just two digits away from the 1516 of the Surface we can buy today. Prospective buyers hoping for unadvertised wireless features won't get them, as there's just 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth, but we don't think they'll mind. If the hardware truly represents the high-end Surface variant, an FCC appearance means one less obstacle to the planned January release.

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