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Von Bach Industries website offers Defiance beta signups, lore

Jef Reahard

Trion has taken the wraps off a new promotional website for Defiance. The site is an in-character affair festooned with videos, lore, and of course a beta signup form for the upcoming MMO shooter. Testing starts in just over 28 days and the company says spots are limited.

The website is the home of Von Bach Industries, a corporation responsible for harnessing EGO technology in the world of Defiance. The tech, which was "brought to earth by Votans and brought to life by Von Bach Industries," serves as a lore-appropriate explanation for the game's user interface. In other words, it's "a symbiotic neuro-muscular bionetic implant [that] alters its host at the genetic level, providing encyclopaedic heads-up intelligence while simultaneously unlocking and managing corporeal-maximization, or EGO Powers."

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