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Xbox Live Countdown to 2013 daily deal: Crazy Taxi, Banjo Kazooie and more


Today's daily deal on Xbox Live includes sales on six games as part of a "family games" theme. Two XBLA games, Crazy Taxi and The Splatters, can be downloaded for 200 Microsoft points each today, a 75 percent savings on their original 800 point prices.

The other six games come straight from the Games on Demand section, and include Toy Story 3 and Crash of the Titans for $9.99, half off from the original $20 price for either game. Cars 2 is $19.99 today, while Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts is $9.99, both 33 percent off. The Xbox Live Countdown to 2013 promotion will keep rolling with sales for the next few days, so these deals are only good for today.

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