Daily iPad App: Q & A Diary - Roller Journal uses questions to keep your journal entries lively

Keeping a daily journal can be difficult, especially when you run out of things to write about. Journaling fans who need a creative kick should check out Roller Journal, a question-and-answer-based diary app for iOS.

Roller Journal is a full-featured journaling app that prompts you to answer a new question each day. The app ships with some basic questions that'll stimulate your writing and you can buy additional packs for US$0.99 each. Each question pack has a theme, including a writer's pack, a productivity pack, a traveler's pack and seasonal packs.

As with any diary, you can look back and compare your answer to the same question over time. You can also backup to Dropbox to make sure your entries are preserved even when you change devices. A password helps to keep your diary safe from prying eyes, while support for Facebook and Twitter let you share your more public thoughts.

Q & A Diary - Roller Journal is compatible with the iPad and iPhone. It's available for $0.99 from the iOS App Store.