Samsung Series 7 Ultra hands-on

Sarah Silbert
S. Silbert|01.07.13

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Samsung Series 7 Ultra hands-on

In addition to checking out the Series 7 Chronos at Samsung's presser, we got a glimpse of the 13-inch Series 7 Ultra, the first Ultrabook in the Series 7 line. It's one of Sammy's higher-end ultraportable, available in Core i5 and i7 configurations and a choice of 128GB or 256GB SSDs, not to mention a 1GB AMD HD8570M GPU. That definitely smacks of heavy-duty performance -- compared to many Ultrabooks on the market, at least. It comes with a very bright, 1080p touch display, which we found to be responsive when we gave it a quick spin. A backlit keyboard is also an option, which cements its pedigree as a higher-end machine.

Like the larger Chronos, it's eminently grippable, thanks to a slightly textured brushed-metal finish and comfortably rounded edges. That's not to say that this machine even approximates chunky -- it's a mere 17mm thick. That's especially impressive when you factor in the touchscreen. We have no price or availability to share, but you can take a hands-on look in the gallery below.

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