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FreedomPop pals up with TextPlus to offer free SMS

FreedomPop pals up with TextPlus to offer free SMS
Brad Molen
Brad Molen|January 8, 2013 9:00 AM

FreedomPop's made a name for itself by selling cases that enable iPod Touch users to get at least 500MB of data each month for free, and now the company has partnered with TextPlus to give users the ability to send SMS messages as well. Along with a basic free plan, FreedomPop will offer three pricing tiers, maxing out at $15 for unlimited text and 1,000 voice minutes. The partnership will come to full fruition sometime in the first quarter, though the company doesn't specify any additional details. We have the press release ready for your perusal below the break.

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LOS ANGELES, CA & 2013 International CES Convention, January 8, 2013 – FreedomPop, America's new free wireless Internet company, today announced a partnership with textPlus, a leading provider of free mobile communications worldwide. Starting in the first quarter of 2013, textPlus free text and calling services will be integrated into FreedomPop's free wireless internet offering. For the first time ever, consumers will have access to 100 percent free mobile data, text and calling services, enabling them to save thousands of dollars every year.

"Our philosophy at textPlus that anyone should have access to free and low-cost mobile communications aligns perfectly with FreedomPop's free mobile data offering," said Scott Lahman, Founder and CEO of textPlus. "Together, textPlus and FreedomPop are changing the way people communicate worldwide by giving them unparalleled choice and access to free and affordable texting, calling and data services."

FreedomPop will offer users three tiers of text and voice plans starting with a free, comprehensive plan and maxing out at under $15 per month for unlimited texting and 1,000 voice minutes. Coupled with FreedomPop's 500 MB of free 4G data, consumers will be able to save thousands of dollars compared to their existing cell phone plans.

"Our partnership with textPlus is another large step forward in offering consumers a true, free alternative to expensive mobile voice and data plans," said Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop's CEO. "FreedomPop and textPlus represent a new kind of telecom service based on principals established on the web. We are on a clear path to delivering affordable and convenient telecom services to everyone."

FreedomPop offers a variety of wireless internet devices including its 4G iPod Sleeve, 4G iPhone 4/4S Sleeve, mi-fi, USB dongle and home broadband devices, providing consumers access to free wireless data. For more details, go to www.FreedomPop.com.

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FreedomPop pals up with TextPlus to offer free SMS