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Fleksy for Android beta hands-on (video)

Fleksy for Android beta hands-on (video)
Joseph Volpe
Joseph Volpe|@jrvolpe|January 9, 2013 4:05 PM

You may be familiar with Syntellia's Fleksy -- its predictive touch typing solution has already been available to iOS users since last July. But as we recently learned at CES, the company's gearing up to offer Android and Spanish-language versions. It's not something you'll necessarily see in the Google Play store, however, as we were told the company intends to license the platform out to various Android OEMs. We pressed CEO Kostas Eleftheriou for more details on possible partnerships, but he remained tight-lipped, only assuring us that talks were in progress.

So, how does it work? For starters, the Android version offers two keyboard options -- a simple QWERTY-only and one with a space bar -- that can be toggled on or off with a two finger swipe down. Text corrections are also controlled via gesture control, with your seemingly garbled input transformed into the closest possible word match via a right swipe. Users can even browse through a list of suggestions by highlighting text and then swiping up or down. Admittedly, word prediction seemed to fare better for the company's (well-trained) reps than it did for us, but we'll chalk that up to a learning curve. Punctuation is handled by swiping twice to the right and the symbol menu can even be accessed by a swipe up from the right edge of the full keyboard.

Since its announcement this week, Fleksy for Android's managed to notch around 5,000 beta testers and Kostas expects that number to continue growing. If you're interested in taking the mobile keyboard alternative for a test drive, we'd recommend you head to the company's site now to sign-up. Otherwise, content yourself with our gallery below and a brief video demo after the break.

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Fleksy for Android beta hands-on (video)