Up close with Valve's Steam Box prototypes

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Jessica Conditt
January 9th, 2013
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Up close with Valve's Steam Box prototypes
Engadget had a photo shoot with Valve's lineup of Steam Box and living room PC prototypes today at CES. A few of the designs were straight out of Valve's hivemind, while a few existing products, such as the Alienware X51 and Bolt from Digital Storm were examples of the "Steam in your living room" initiative. Valve's display was meant to demonstrate a variety of form factors for living room-friendly designs, hardware engineer Jeff Keyzer said.

Check out the complete gallery over on Engadget, especially that one design that looks like the baby of an original Xbox and a Gamecube. Keep in mind that all of the controllers are stand-in Logitechs, not prototypes.
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