Neo Geo X production allegedly discontinued, additional carts to be released as planned (update)

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The Neo Geo X was the subject of so much talk and so many renders, we thought it was destined to be vaporware. We were proved wrong and it was released in December, but if Japanese site Gamer is correct, production of the retro handheld-come-console has already been discontinued. Apparently, this isn't due to affect the release of add-on cartridges for the platform -- although not all owners are in need of more games. We reached out to Neo Geo's PR folks and they didn't confirm or deny the report, but said they'll have more information for us shortly.

Update: Not so fast! Tommo Inc -- the company behind Neo Geo X -- says that production hasn't ceased on the main Neo Geo X standalone handheld, but has ceased on the Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition (but was always planned to, as it's a limited edition).

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