Phat Loot Phriday: Beauty's Favorite Bone

Phat Loot Phriday Beauty's Favorite Bone

The man not named Spot stared at his bone. It was a good bone, from days gone by. He held it in his hands and heaved a huge sigh. Except for the thick glass of stout by his side, the man may have been holding back tears.

"Hey, there, buddy," the bartender said. "Why the long face?"

"This was given to me by friends," the druid sighed. "I've not see them since the last exp ... erience we had together."

"Why do you still keep it?"

"This is Beauty's Favorite Bone! It was a gift!"

"Uh huh," the bartender said, wiping down the oak counter with a moist rag. "That must be it."

"Fine," the man sighed. "You can transmog it. And look at it, it's awesome."

The bartender remained quiet.

"And I chew on it."

"Yeah, I thought so."

Item Note: Beauty's Favorite Bone is available from heroic Blackrock Caverns. All you strapping pandas should have no trouble getting it.

Picture Note: That is neither a worgen or bone. But this picture represents Not Spot in my head.

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