The Firing Line: On Destiny, Tribes GOTY, and Ghost in the Shell

The Firing Line - On Destiny, Tribes GOTY, and Ghost in the Shell

It's been a pretty eventful week for online shooter news, and The Firing Line is back to help you catch up on all the tidbits you might've missed. Since we've got so much to cover, what say we skip the usual game journo intro puns and get right to it?

Tribes: Ascend GOTY

Hi-Rez has announced that its Tribes: Ascend shooter and all the unlockable weapons, classes, and perks content from 10 (!) previous expansions will be made available in a Game of the Year edition priced at $29.99. When can you get your hands on this fine new bundle? Why, today, actually.

The good news is that as always, everything in Ascend is completely free if you've got plenty of time to spend on the grind. The even better news is that Hi-Rez is adding new skins, a new shocklance weapon, and six new maps (three capture-the-flag and three arena) alongside the GOTY release.

Ghost in the Shell Online concept art
Ghost in the Shell: STAND ALONE COMPLEX

When last we heard tell of Nexon's Ghost in the Shell Online title, we weren't sure if it was actually a thing. The company's latest Korean press junket confirmed that it is indeed a thing, and said thing will be launching in "the first half of 2014." The tentative title is Ghost in the Shell: STAND ALONE COMPLEX, and while it clearly violates internet shouting laws, we're willing to give it a pass based on the kick-ass source material.

Nexon describes its game as a "first-person shooter featuring fierce hacking battles between cyborgs fighting over strategic resources." It will incorporate "cyberization" and "diverse content such as cooperative battle mode, a new concept that integrates AI with the player." While Nexon is handling publishing duties, the game is actually being built by NEOPLE, a company most famous for its hugely popular Dungeon Fighter title. Nexon says that DF boasts 400 million worldwide members and set a record for concurrent players in China with three million.

Steparu has also weighed in on Ghost in the Shell; the website features several stunning concept art images that may hint at the title's visual style.

Arctic Combat sniper
Arctic Combat

Arctic Combat is apparently doing OK for itself, as Webzen has announced additional servers to cover the South American market. The new multi-language client includes support for Spanish and Portugese, and the base game has also been updated with a new weapon (the TAR-21 assault rifle) and a new map called Highway.

Webzen has also updated the game's kill streak system as well as tweaked the overall balance and sound suite. Finally, the company is offering pink rifles and heart grenades in its cash shop for all of those romantic first-person shooter moments.

Destiny concept art

Bungie unveiled a new ARG for its mysterious Destiny IP earlier this week. At first it was rumored that the firm would spill the beans about its supposed sci-fi shooter this coming Monday. As it turns out, the company announced that it will reveal the game on Sunday, February 17th, instead. Yep, that was an announcement about an announcement, which would normally elicit a few eyerolls and "typical PR" comments but for the fact that it all sounds rather awesome.

Renaissance FPS

Finally this week, ChangYou released a pre-launch trailer for Renaissance Heroes, a lobby-based shooter that retcons 16th century Italy into a gratuitous exercise in gun violence. The title is a fun little exercise in time wasting, and a pretty one at that since it makes use of the Unreal Engine 3.

If you're curious, the free-to-play title launches on February 19th in both Europe and North America. You can also keep an eye on Massively's Stream Team schedule, as we'll be bringing it to you live in short order.

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