Sony intros MDR-X05 headphones: massive Simon Cowell-endorsed bass, small footprint

Joe Pollicino
J. Pollicino|02.28.13

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Joe Pollicino
February 28th, 2013
Sony intros MDR-X05 headphones: massive Simon Cowell-endorsed bass, small footprint

Sony intros MDRX05 headphones massive Simon Cowellendorsed bass, small footprint

Is this really happening, again? Why, yes, it is. Following up on its massive MDR-X10 bass-pumping headphones from last year, Sony and Simon Cowell have introduced the MDR-X05. As you might take from the name, the cans are basically a smaller addition to the series, packing 40MM drivers (down from 50) and a few more color options (red/black, red/red, white/silver, red/silver and black/silver) -- some of which do the headphones more justice than the silver/red colorway we got our mitts on previously. As far as we can tell, by the way, these are very likely a re-badge of the MDR-X400 headphones for the American market. As you'd expect, the cans fold flat for storage and feature an iDevice-compatible inline remote and mic.

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Unlike the X10, the tangle-proof flat cabling isn't removeable and connects using both earcups, but the connections seem robust enough to handle a good bit of torture. Because the same materials and finish are used on the X05 as the X10, the headphones feel virtually the same in-hand -- a bit plasticky, but solid overall. The headphones may be smaller, but they still manage to feel nearly as cosy and isolate a fair amount amount of external noise as their bigger brother, mostly because they're packing the same style of plush memory foam earpads wrapped in synthetic leather. As far as sound quality goes, the bass push on these is just as smooth and open-sounding as the X10, but the high-end is noticeably harsher -- we definitely felt the need to turn on "treble reducer" in our iPhone's EQ settings. If you're bass-hungry ears are interested, the X05 headphones are up for pre-sale at Sony's online store for $200 (100 less than the X10), but the smaller discount won't make them look any less loud on your ears while you're out and about. You can expect 'em to hit shelves March 22nd. For now, find more details in the press release after the break.

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THURSDAY 28TH February


More Compact Option; Available in Variety of Colors

NEW YORK (February 28, 2013) – Sony announced today its newest addition to the X

Headphone line, the on-ear MDR-X05. These new headphones deliver music lovers a premium

Sony audio experience in a more compact and lightweight design. Together in collaboration with

one of the world's leading record producers, Simon Cowell and Sony Music Entertainment, the

new X05 delivers killer sound reproduction in an aggressive, stylish design.

"When Sony teamed up with Simon Cowell, our goal was to create the best sounding

headphones in the world for today's most popular music– allowing listeners to experience

the full spectrum of audio that artists and producers hear in recording studios," said Andrew

Sivori, vice president of the Personal Audio group at Sony Electronics. "With the newest X

Headphones, now we're delivering that experience in a more compact and portable design."

Legendary Sony Audio Engineering

Sony set out to achieve unmatched high performance sound in a smaller and lightweight

design with the new X Headphones. Engineered with an efficient acoustic design, the new

X Headphones feature precision 40mm drivers for a crisp, full-range audio experience that

optimally reproduces today's bass-heavy music.

With their pressure-relieving memory foam ear pads, the X Headphones conform to each

user's unique ear shape, providing a highly effective acoustic seal and preventing sound leakage.

In addition to reinforcing the headphones' powerful sub-bass reproduction capability, the ear

pads deliver a supportive, cushy feel, ideal for maximum long-term comfort.

Stylish Design

The X Headphones look as great as they perform with their color-accented headbands,

swivel mechanisms and end caps. Their dual folding style allows the user to swivel the noise

isolating ear pads for listening flexibility, as well as conveniently fold the headphones into an

included sleek carrying case for hassle-free portability.

Featuring grooved serrations on its surface, the X Headphones' high-quality cord

provides an innovative design that eliminates friction between cable surfaces, reducing the

incidence of frustrating tangles.

The X Headphones are designed to provide maximum performance when used with all

of today's portable music devices. For iPod®, iPhone® and iPad® users, the X Headphones

include a convenient Apple® 3-button control with a microphone, track, and volume control

functionality, allowing users to access their music and answer phone calls. The remote also

provides basic control of most AndroidTM devices as well.

Hearing is Believing

The new X Headphones will be available in five new color variations (red on silver, black

on silver, white on silver, black on red, and red on black) for pre-sale today at

X5 and beginning March 22 through the Sony Store online (, in Sony

retail stores, and at other authorized retailers nationwide for about $199. Special demonstration

stations at Sony Stores and at select retailers will give consumers the opportunity to experience

the headphones for themselves. For images and information, please visit

Please visit or Follow #SonyX on Twitter for the latest

X Headphones news. Also, stay tuned to the Sony Blog for upcoming opportunities to win your

own X Headphones.

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