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How, when, and where to get your very own mount

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You don't have to have played WoW very long to have seen -- and admired -- your fellow players running around riding tigers, dragons, turtles, flying carpets, and dinosaurs, among other things. And if you're anything like us, your first question is "Where do I get one?!" Or maybe "When can I get one?" The answer to when is starting at level 20, but the answer to where is a bit more complicated, since mounts in WoW can be acquired in may different ways, from drops to vendors to quests.

While this won't be a comprehensive guide on how to get every mount in the game, we will help you get started with mounts in World of Warcraft -- and point you towards some that you can pick up some awesome rides, even at lower levels.

When can I train riding?
You can start your WoW riding career at level 20, and gain access to better, faster mounts from there. Here's the skill training breakdown:

Apprentice Riding
Level: 20
Speed: +60% (ground)
Cost: 4 gold

Journeyman Riding
Level: 40
Speed: +100% (ground)
Cost: 50 gold

Expert Riding
Level: 60
Speed: +150% (flying)
Cost: 250 gold

Flight Master's License
Level: 60
Cost: 250 gold
Allows flying in Azeroth

Cold Weather Flying
Level: 68
Cost: 500 gold
Allows flying in Northrend

Artisan Riding
Level: 70
Speed: +280% (flying)
Training cost: 5,000 gold

Master Riding
Level: 80
Speed: +310% (flying)
Cost: 5,000 gold

Wisdom of the Four Winds
Level: 90
Cost: 2,500 gold
Allows flying in Pandaria

If this sounds expensive, bear in mind that the costs drop as you gain standing with whichever faction the vendor is -- and, don't worry, you'll gain plenty of reputation as you level up and do quests. Here's the discounts reputation will net you:

  • Friendly: 5% off
  • Honored: 10% off
  • Revered: 15% off
  • Exalted: 20% off
That 20% discount takes 1,000 gold off of the cost of Artisan or Master riding, so it's nothing to scoff at.

How, when, and where to get your very own mount
Where do I train riding?
Where you go to train depends on your race. For Apprentice and Journeyman Riding, you'll find riding trainers near your race's starting zone. Here's who you're looking for:
  • Human: Randal Hunter in Elwynn Forest
  • Night elf: Jartsam in Darnassus
  • Dwarf: Ultham Ironhorn in Dun Morogh
  • Gnome: Binjy Featherwhistle in Dun Morogh
  • Draenai: Aalun in The Exodar
  • Worgen: None, they receive the Running Wild skill instead
  • Orc: Kildar in Orgrimmar
  • Troll: Xar'Ti in Durotar
  • Tauren: Kar Stormsinger in Mulgore
  • Undead: Velma Warnam in Tirisfal Glades
  • Blood elf: Perascamin in Eversong Woods
  • Goblin: Revi Ramrod in Orgrimmar
  • Pandaren: Can train at any trainer of their faction
  • Paladins and warlocks: Both of these classes automatically get Apprentice Riding in order to access their class-specific mounts. (You will, however, still need to train Journeyman Riding.)
For Expert, Artisan, and Master Riding training, as well as purchasing a Flight Master's License and Cold Weather Flying, you'll want to talk to a Flying Trainer. They can be found in the faction capitols as well as scattered throughout Outland, Northrend, and Pandaria. You can train at any of the trainers who aren't hostile to your faction, so just browse the list below and find the one closest to you!
If you're a druid, you can skip training Expert Riding -- you'll get it for free with your level 60 Flight Form ability. (You will, however, still have to train Artisan Riding.)

Once you've reached level 90, you'll want to pick up Wisdom of the Four Winds to fly in Pandaria. When you've got the gold, talk to Cloudrunner Leng in Shrine of the Seven Stars if you're Alliance or Skydancer Shun in Shrine of the Two Moons if you're Horde.

How, when, and where to get your very own mount
What kind of mounts can I get and where do I get them?
Each race has a type of ground mount just for them, which are available in a variety of colors and styles. But if you want a different race's mount, be aware that you can buy mounts of other races in your faction once you've hit exalted with that race. (Note: Since all mounts are account-wide, if you want another race's mount, you may find it easier to roll an alt of that race and level them to 20 to pick up the mount you're after. But Alliance still can't get Horde mounts and vice versa.)

You'll typically find all mount vendors near the riding trainers. Here are your options:
  • Draenei: Elekk
  • Dwarf: Ram
  • Gnome: Mechanostrider
  • Human: Horse
  • Night elf: Saber
  • Worgen: Mountain Horse (see Astrid Langstrump in Darnassus)
  • Blood elf: Hawkstrider
  • Goblin: Goblin Trike
  • Orc: Wolf
  • Tauren: Kodo
  • Troll: Raptor
  • Undead: Skeletal Horse
  • Pandaren: Dragon Turtle (Alliance Pandaren see Old Whitenose in Stormwind, Horde Pandaren see Turtlemaster Odai in Orgrimmar)
And each faction has specific flying mounts: Alliance have Gryphons while Horde have Wind Riders. Like ground mounts, these will typically be available for purchase near your Flying Trainer.

How, when, and where to get your very own mount
What if I don't like my race's or faction's mounts?
Don't like any of your mount options? Don't worry. While the mounts for your race and faction are the most straightforward to get -- and they'll certainly help you get around -- they're far from your only option. You can also get mounts through PvP, quests, drops, achievements, professions, reputation, buying on the Blizzard store, or winning them from rare cards in the WoW TCG. If you're looking for options, here are some of our favorites that you can get by yourself, with enough time, effort, and gold:
  • Venomhide Ravasaur: All Horde players can get this mount by completing the They Grow Up So Fast quest in Un'Goro Crater.
  • Winterspring Frostsaber: All Alliance players can get this mount by completing the They Grow Up So Fast quest in Winterspring.
  • Netherwing Drakes: You can buy Netherwing Drakes in a variety of colors once you've reached exalted reputation with the Netherwing in Outland -- which is, we won't lie, a time-consuming grind, though there are some fun dailies, too. They're one of many reputation mounts in Outland, but definitely our favorite.
  • White Hawkstrider: This is dropped by Kael'thas Sunstrider in Heroic Magisters' Terrace. While "Heroic" makes it sound like a challenge, the fact that this dungeon is designed for level 70s means higher level characters (80 to 90) can likely complete it alone or with a friend.
  • Flying Machines: The Flying Machine and Turbo-Charged Flying Machine are crafted by high-level engineers.
  • Flying Carpets: If you're a tailor, you can make a number of different flying carpets for youself at higher levels.
  • Fossilized Raptor and Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank: Archealogists aren't left out with these unique mounts.
  • Jeweled Panthers: Jewelcrafters can create their own panther mounts out of different types of gems.
  • Sea Turtle: This speedy aquatic mount can be pulled out of the sea by those with enough fishing skill (and patience!).
If this basic guide has only made you hungry for more mounts, check out Warcraft Mounts for the details on every in-game mount you could want or, for the collector who needs everything, our own guide on the Mountain o' Mounts achievement.

Happy riding, everyone!

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