Blind iPhone owners may get People Finder app

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Blind iPhone owners may get People Finder app

It's easy for two people to meet up at the mall. They just arrive at the appointed time and look for each other. This simple task is not so easy for blind people, who could be right around the corner from each other and not realize it. According to the BBC, this is a problem that Mike May from Sendero Group is trying to solve with his People Finder app.

People Finder is a prototype app that uses GPS and Bluetooth to help you find someone nearby. It uses voice prompts -- near or cold -- to let you know if you are close to the friend that you are trying to meet. It also alerts the other person when you are closing in on their location, so they can start searching for you, too.

Currently, 100 people are testing the app and May is looking for funding to help expand its reach. May was recently demoing the app at the CSUN accessible technology conference. You can read more about the project in the BBC article.

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