Google to shut down Google Reader, Snapseed for Mac among others

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Fans of Google Reader are going into mourning, as Google has announced that it is shutting down the RSS reader service on July 1. As part of its now annual spring cleaning initiative, Google says service usage has declined. It urges people to find an alternative in the three and a half months before Google Reader sees the sunset. Users can export their data using Google Checkout.

There's a number of really good Google Reader apps for Mac and iOS, including Reeder and Flipboard. It will be interesting to see Reader's shutdown will affect them. Our staff has seen recommendations for Feedly and NewsBlur as alternatives to Google Reader. You have until July 1 to make the changeover, so there's still time, but a lot of services and workflows will undoubtedly be affected.

Google also will be closing the door on the desktop version of Snapseed. As of today, Google will no longer be selling the desktop software or provide updates. Existing customers can still get support and download the program. Mobile versions of Snapseed have not been affected.

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